PROJECTS DONE – Civil / Construction / Structural / Steel / Interior Decoration & Maintenance

Civil & Structural Works @ TrueBell – DIC
Civil & Structural Works @ Bateel Choclates, DIP
Civil & Structural Works @ 26 Warehouse, Jabal Ali
Civil & Structural Works @  Global Village 2014, 2015 & 2016
Civil & Structural Works @  B+G+1 Luxury Villa, Umm Al Sheif
….and many more !Structural Works @ Ritz Carlton Hotel @ Dubai Marina
Structural Works @ Show District @ Dubai Mall
Structural Works @ Atlantis Hotel – Palm Island
Railing, Fence and Fitting for Kidzania @ Dubai mall
Structural Works @ Dubai Parks & Resorts
Strctural Works @ The Avenues Mall
Structural Works @ YAS Hotel
….and many more !Joinery works @ VVIP Area, Abu Dhabi Int’l Airport – Abu Dhabi – UAE
Joinery works @ Dubai Int’l Airport – Dubai – UAE
Interior Fit out works @ Stereo Arcade Game Zone, Hilton JBR, Dubai – UAE
Joinery works @ MAINE Restaurent, Hilton JBR, Dubai – UAE
Game Zone Interior Fitout @ i’Mall, Sharjah – UAE (Running)
3d Decor Arts @ Al Ghurair Public Art Festival, Dubai
Interior/Decor Fitout @ Danat Al Emarat Hospital – Abu Dhabi
…many Interior / maintenance works @ Dubai / Sharjah / Abu Dhabi. 


It is the policy of the organization to be a leading contractor in all of its activities by understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of its clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, employees and all stakeholders.

We recognize Quality as an integral part of our business performance and are committed to achieving continual and effective improvement through the setting and publishing of objectives and targets rather than just complying with the legal and other requirements as a minimum. All the services are designed, reviewed, developed, resourced, controlled and maintained in such a way that their expectations are consistently met, or exceeded, in terms of the agreed performance for the service.

We strive to enhance performance continuously in the provision of services through a program of audits and analysis to eliminate any wasteful practices or unnecessary work and to take advantage of developments in technology and workmanship.


Project Life Cycle


For project planning and scheduling, we extensively rely on Primavera Project Planner (P3) to track schedule compliance/variance. Various reports are being generated to monitor the progress and to obtain correct feedback on the progress and other issues from the projects.

Some of them are as follows:

1. Summary bar chart
2. Detailed construction bar chart.
3. Progress curves.
4. Projected monthly valuations (Tabular & Graphic)
5. Concrete histograms.
6. Forecast completion of concrete works.
7. Bar bending/cutting/fixing indicator.
8. Provisional material procurement list.
9. Subcontractor materials procurement plan.
10. Standard formats used for the project.

The contract program is updated weekly and includes the following:-

1. Actual start and finish dates of the completed activities during updated period.
2. Remaining durations, % of completion, early and late start and finish dates for all activities and completion dates.
3. Cost & progress payments tables (Project Monthly Evaluation –Tabular & Graphic)
4. Status of submittal & approval for materials and Sub-contractor.
5. Time & cost variation order that will be incorporated into the construction schedule.
6. Progress photographs.



We have taken efforts to implement an effective quality control methodology to meet the desired performance criteria. We have also implemented the documentation of the quality tests for evaluation and monitoring. Proper corrective and preventive actions are also envisaged and implemented wherever required.

  • Quality Control of Materials

The submittals are given as per the consultant’s requirement & Purchase / Procurement is done keeping in mind the material quality, delivery & economy. Once delivered on site proper care is taken during storage of the items prior to work execution.

  • Quality Control for Working Procedures at Site
  • Method statements for different types of works are prepared & submitted for consultant’s approval and closely observed during execution.
  • Shop drawing and shop drawing schedule shows a format for shop drawings schedule.
  • Method of statement for different types of works, to be approved by consultant.
  • Proper training is given to the execution team regarding the quality standards to be maintained at various stages of construction in general and also specific to the particular contact.
  • The testing and inspection plans are prepared and submitted to the consultants.



01. Awareness is created to the whole team in the installations and operational areas regarding the Safety Regulations.

02. The vehicles and the persons are allotted with security passes to eliminate the entry of unwanted persons or vehicles which will hinder the working of the projects.

03. Smoking is prohibited in all hazardous areas. Matches of all kinds, mechanical lighters, non-flame proof torches, photographic flash lights and transistor radios must not be taken into such areas.

04. All personnel are insisted on use of personnel protective equipments as stipulated & checked by the respective supervisors.

05. All tools and equipments are inspected and tested for safety before being put into use.

06. Any crane, hoist or lifting tackle that is to be brought into the working premises must have a copy of its current inspection certificate with it.

07. The employees of the contractors, if any, working for the organization shall be familiar with the location of the nearest fire alarm, the evacuation signal, the escape routes and the use extinguishers and their location.

08. The employees are not allowed to remove or misuse any of the guards or protective devices of any machine, lift or any other facility.

09. If the employees are working close to the edges of roofs, then the precautions of guard rails and toe boards and/or safety harnesses are used.

10. When using welding equipment, fireproof screens are installed to protect employees from welding flashes.

11. Any employee, if involved in or witnessing an accident (such as injury, vehicle collision, fire, property damage, atmospheric pollution etc. or near miss) will inform Supervisor, immediately, who will take the required steps.

12. Steps are taken to ensure that all employees working for the company are thoroughly familiar with the relevant area’s emergency response procedures.


We are totally committed to a policy of prevention, reduction and elimination of all undesired events which will result in any kind of losses and to protect the interest of the company, client and our stake holders at all times.

In order to achieve this objective the Company has adopted on a risk management and safety program covering all possible sections and areas of our operations. This program aims at the following objectives:

  • To establish and maintain a safe, healthy and protective working environment
  • To Provide and maintain a safe place and a safe system of work, safe tools and equipments and a safe and healthy working environment
  • To prevent accidents to persons, damage to the property and loss of process.
  • To notify the incidents of such accidents or damage of property, if happens, immediately and investigate on the same.
  • To protect the property, equipment and material from all down grading incidents.
  • To comply with all statutory duties for the protection and promotion of the health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected by the activities of the company.
  • To maintain the standards of occupational health and safety to prevent human suffering and loss.
  • To forbid all personal negligence towards safety and health regulations and any infringement of the regulations that will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offender.